I am very pleased to say that September 2011 was yet another record month – especially since I took a second vacation to England for a week during the month :)

The trend in my income reports over the last few months, has probably surprised me, more than it has surprised you, my loyal reader.

As each month comes to a close (with yet another record), the very first thing on my mind, is how on earth am I going to beat that next month?

Thankfully, I seem to be able to figure out a few new ideas to put into action each month, and (so far at least) the trend of significant increases is alive and well :)

Like in past income reports, in this report, I’m going to share with you the key activities that I undertook this month, what worked and what didn’t. You will notice that this month’s report is much shorter than the last two months and the reason for this is simple – I could tell from my analytics that the average time on the income report page was nowhere near long enough to read all the content that I’d painstakingly written. So, this month, I’m going to “cut to the chase”, as it were.

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If this is your first time reading one of my income reports and you are wondering why I publish them, the reason is that I believe in being super transparent in my business – almost as though I was a public company. A public company has to share everything about their performance and it doesn’t seem to hurt them, so I doubt that it’ll hurt me either.

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Key Activities in September

September was an extremely busy month and while I did make some progress, I definitely did not get through me entire to do list each day!

First off, I had several of my Adsense sites hacked and they were down for some time. Sadly, I wasn’t aware of this until I discovered it by a fluke. To prevent this from happening again, I have installed two new plugins: WordPress File Monitor and Secure WordPress. I suggest you do the same.


Early in the month I purchased some new webinar software. The software was from Evergreen Business Systems and took me an immense amount of time to get set up. Then, creating the actual webinar content took even more time.

The goal of this project was  to allow me to automate my webinars so that I could hold them in time zones that would be localized to wherever my reader was located; thereby giving foreign visitors more of a chance to see my webinar in a time that would be suitable to them. I had also hoped to use these webinars to promote Niche Site Mastery.

Unfortunately, the software turned out to be very buggy (as I’m sure many of you already know!) and it failed to send out the reminder emails to registrants at the right time and many/most of them (you) probably didn’t get to see the webinar. I’m very sorry for that and have now posted a recording that you can watch any time you like.

Niche Site Mastery Affiliate Program

Another of my major projects was to launch an affiliate program for Niche Site Mastery. This was a fairly large project because I didn’t want to use Clickbank; instead, I needed to find some membership software that would offer me more control of Niche Site Mastery, as well as to allow me to create the affiliate program.

After doing a TON of research, the software that I ultimate chose, and am very pleased with, is Digital Access Pass (aff link). I’m not going to do a review of the product here; however, I will say this, it is super kick-ass and I’m loving all the new things that it allows me to do. If you are running a membership site, DAP is a must, IMHO.

While I’m now equipped for affiliate sales, I still haven’t actually announce anything and will be doing so shortly.

Trip to England

As a part of doing my research on DAP, I ended up meeting Laura Wilson due to a testimonial video she’d made for DAP. After trading some emails with her about DAP, I invited her onto my Podcast and after that, decided to go visit her. Suffice to say, Laura is one very smart online marketer and we had a blast hanging out together in her home town of Plymouth, England.

Laura Wilson and I in Plymouth Harbor

Income Breakdown

Measuring My Progress

I have a great many things that I want to accomplish in October (which is already off to a blazing start!). Before I get to that, however, I want to share with you how I did versus my September goals:

  • Launch an affiliate program for Niche Site Mastery – achieved
  • Begin to use webinars once again as a means of increasing NSM membership – achieved; albeit it with many glitches
  • Increase total income by 20% – achieved
  • Publish 4 more podcasts – recorded 3, published 2 with the third one due out next week.
  • Launch more 10 niche sites – I failed miserably here, however, I’ve just hired a new VA and figured out how to effectively outsource keyword research (this was my main bottleneck because I lack time and it bores me to death), so I expect the number of sites launched in October to be at least 20.

Goals for October

As always, I’m extremely grateful to all of my readers for helping to make this happen. Without you, I don’t know where I’d be, so please accept my big fat THANK YOU!

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  • http://wealthyaffiliatedetails.com aldo

    Nice Job Trent. I know you will contine growing even faster next month!

    I saw that you started again to do some Amazon website and also some nice income.

    Looks like you are using “WP Zon Builder” but it looks like just for placing pictures and links but you are wrinting unique content for each of the products post?

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      “I” am not doing any of that. My team are handling it all and I just check in every now and again. I should add, though, that I’m not building new Amazon sites and that the Amazon income is coming from old sites and my authority site, How To Clean Anything.

  • Michael

    Hey Trent – congrats on increasing your earnings once again for the month of September. One thing I should mention is that you said “Gross Total in June” in your report (bullet points). I think you meant to say September there.

    Thanks again for publishing your report.

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Right you are. I’ll fix it.

  • Matthew

    Congrats on another big month Trent. Shame to see Adsense dropped off a bit, maybe seasonal?

    Had my first $30 day ever yesterday (29.95 actually :)). It’s so exciting to see it grow

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Adsense was down because some of my sites got hacked and all the content was deleted – but if you’d ready my income report instead of just skipping down to the numbers, you’d have already known that 😛

      • Matthew N


        Actually what happened was I read the report, and then commented when I got to work… and forgot about the whole hacking thing.

        I read every report in detail actually, for some reason I forgot about the hacking thing. Probably because it was at the start.

        Not everyone skips over them!!

        • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

          hahaha…I hope not!

  • http://www.myrework.com TRENDS

    Awesome and motivating as always Trent. Adsense has been a long haul for me, but I’ve gotten better at picking keywords etc by following your blogs and other.

    Now that I’ve gotten better I plan to sell off a few of my original sites I started. They’ve averaged over $150 per month these last few months, so hopefully I can get a decent amount for them. Wish me luck!

    Thanks again for the inspiration and wealth of knowledge.

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      You’re very welcome, and yes, at $150/month, you’ll get a very nice price for them.

  • brian

    curious how many sites are generating that adsense revenue as isnt most of it from the cleaning site you mentioned ? just curious as i know you advocate adsense as a profitable income source but the income from it doesnt seem much for all the backlinking/kw analysis,etc…?

    seems a lot of people with “thin” adsense sites got hit with recent panda change last week


    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Much of my revenue is from the cleaning site; however I also sold some sites to a friend a few weeks ago, so I can’t report that revenue any more. As for the new sites; its not just how much they earn monthly that gives me an ROI. I plan to sell many on Flippa as sites are currently selling for anywhere from 12-30x the monthly cash flow. That is a phenomenal ROI.

  • chuck w

    Hi Trent,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful, accelerated growth. It is akin to watching your baby grows in front of your very eyes. I was only planning to focus on Adense and not building those other products (including NSM), or giving testimonials for the affiliate links. After seeing the breakdown of your earnings, then I have no choice but to plan to generate income from other sources than only from Adsense. Here is the % of your Sept income
    NSM = 55%
    affiliate = 28%
    AdSense 12% ($840)
    So if I just rely on Adsense then I will be at best growing at a very slow rate. Granted, in the long run it will be a great passive income but during the building process (which can take quite a few months) I either have to get other sources of income and/or incur a large negative… Any thoughts on this line of thinking?
    Thanks again for sharing this eye-opening growth of yours.


    • http://howigotrich.net Joe

      Interesting point Chuck. As the Adsense route is unproven at the moment you might need to try some other things to tide you over? I’m going to plough on with it as my amazon sites are covering the costs.

      Trent you never said if you scaled the castle or not?

      • chuck w

        Why do you say that the Adsense path is unproven? It looks like it is growing very well from Trent’s income reports. The only thing that caught me is that it is only a small part of the entire income. So to grow as fast as Trent, I have to find other sources of income. And I am not a person who can build products or sites like NSM, or make recommendations on affiliates.

        In addition, you just threw gas to the fire by saying that your Amazon sites are covering the costs. Which seems to reaffirm the need for me to find other sources of income while continuing to build the Adsense sites for the long run?? Maybe by flipping the Adsense sites like Trent is also doing?

        Any insights is highly appreciated!!

        • Wesley

          I’m not an IM expert (yet), but I can tell you from a financial perspective that you should always have multiple income streams. If you can build a profitable Adsense site, I see no reason you can’t build a decent Amazon site or even find a niche to make your own product.

          • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

            I agree with Wesley…it is wise to have more than one source of online income; hence why I have 4 or 5. Adsense is excellent, but its not the only way :)

        • http://howigotrich.net/ Joe

          I said unproven in the sense that Trent hasn’t been at this that long so will it turn out to be a long term passive source of income that you can set and forget? I’m sure other people have been at this longer so we can learn from them (Spencer for example).

          The Amazon sites are covering the cost because I’ve been doing them for two years now and they are established and bringing the money in (some of them).

          How many Adsense sites have you setup so far Chuck?

          • chuck w

            I agree with Wesley about Multiple Streams of Income, but I am not the kind of person who thought of building products – look at Trent’s background and thus why he could build NSM, backlink services, etc.

            Joe, I am on the verge of launching the first AdSense site (that’s why I am here in OIL.com to increase my chance of success by learning from others. Will check out Spencer’s interview. Thanks for the pointer!

          • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

            Hey Chuck,

            While my background did assist with my belief system (I believe I can do most anything I attempt), my prior experience in business in no way equipped me to create NSM and my upcoming backlinking service.

            I guess what I’m trying to say is that ANYONE can build a product if they: 1) believe they can, and 2) take action to get it done.

            Don’t sell yourself short, mate!

      • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

        I looked for the rope but…. :)

        • chuck w

          Hi Trent,

          Thanks for the motivation and encouragement. I am still working on the first AdSense site. Taking action (although slower than I’d hope)!

          • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

            You’re welcome :)

  • http://www.sparkindark.com Phanindra

    Hi Trent,

    Good Income.Just was searching for something online and I got to land here and it was worth watch. Going through your stuff :)

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Welcome to the OIL community!

  • http://www.xenappblog.com Eric

    Hi Trent,

    To bad the Evergreen webinar software didn’t work, was about to buy it myself. Please keep us posted on any updates regarding this.

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      I don’t expect to revisit it. However, I do have another strategy that I’m going to test and will blog about that. Plus, it will be MUCH less expensive :)

  • http://therenderq.com Harlan Yee

    Hey Trent, your income growth is phenomenal! You’ll be hitting the $10k/month mark soon.

    Question about you building the video products like in Nate’s course. Are you creating a new site from scratch or are you adding the video couse to an existing site that is doing well? His course is so fascinating that I’m starting a few sites based on his training this month.

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Harlan,

      I may even hit $10K this month as my MTD average rev/day is $321 as of this very moment. Re the video course….funny you should ask as I was on the phone with my partner today about the cleaning site. He is in the cleaning business and said he could easily create the content, so we may launch a course as a subdomain of the cleaning site because the domain is aged and has a ton of authority. For other niches, I will use new domains.

  • http://www.lazybastardlife.com Jason

    Do you know how you were hacked? Since you’re using VAs, I’m wondering if it was carelessness on his/her part.

    Also, in Niche Site Mastery, do you cover the ins and outs of hiring VAs?

    Enjoyed your interview with Nate (both of them).

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      No, I don’t know how it was done, but it hasn’t happened since I installed the increased security. Re VAs; yes, I cover this extensively inside NSM.

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed Nate and I’s talks :)

  • http://www.skiingstanton.com/ David

    Hi Trent

    I found this website through your podcast, which I really enjoy. I like the idea of internet marketing as a way to supplement my income.

    However, I am a bit concerned that a lot of internet marketers seem to be making the majority of their money by selling internet marketing schemes. Your monthly breakdown indicates that the same is true for you.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but if it so easy to make money through Adsense, Amazon, etc. why aren’t you making much more money from them?

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Hi David,

      Yours is a very good question, and a fair one to ask.

      Building income with Adsense sites takes time, and it also requires a few outsourcers to get it going (unless you want to do all the work yourself, which I don’t). For me, I wanted a place to store all the training videos and other types of training information for my team of virtual assistants. That is why I originally built Niche Site Mastery during the time when I was building my first 35 Amazon sites.

      Next, if you’ve read enough of my blog, you’ll realize that I spent my first six months going in the “wrong” direction with the Amazon sites, until I discovered, quite by accident, Adsense. That happened back in June 2011.

      All the while I’d been blogging about what I was learning, and giving that information away for free. Judging by the number of questions I was getting on my blog about how to make money online, I decided to try and sell memberships to NSM…and…much to my delight, they sold very, very well. Now I had a new problem. I needed to devote time each day to more blogging and upgrades to NSM (to make it more Adsense focused) and that was time taken away from building Adsense sites. As I’d sold memberships to NSM, it simply “needed” to be done to maintain the commitment I’d made to NSM members.

      You’ll notice the name of my blog is Online Income Lab, and not Adsense Income Lab, and as such, I knew that my readers wanted to learn how to make money online. Is the money from teaching others to make Adsense sites any less green than the money from Adsense sites themselves? No, of course not. So, if you are a reader of my blog and I can show you how to make money online FASTER than you can with Adsense, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Obviously, for many, the answer is yes.

      With all that said, am I still qualified to teach people to earn money with Adsense? I believe so. Why? Simple; I am earning an increasing income from Adsense, I have many sites that are one page one, or on page two and climbing, so my SEO tactics are worthy. (plus, many of my Amazon sites have also made it to page one) Then there is the Adsense site that I purchased and doubled the income within 30 days of buying it. Does it matter that I didn’t build that site? I don’t think it does – people “buy” businesses all the time – and it doesn’t make them any less qualified to run them.

      If you hang around my blog over the next month, you’ll see that I’m launching 30+ sites this month. How? I spent a LOT of time figuring out my processes, creating training material, and then hiring virtual assistants to do all the work for me. Again, I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of folks out there who’d like to know how to do that. You might even be one of them :)

      So, while Adsense in only part of my total income, I have been exceedingly successful at learning how to make money online in general, and that is the entire purpose of this blog; hence why it continues to receive increasing amounts of traffic and affiliate earnings.

      Hopefully, you’ll see that mine is not a “scheme” at all, and that building Adsense sites is a big part of my own online activity.


  • http://www.nichesense.com Anshul

    Awesome stuff Trent! Very inspirational. I just wrote a brief review of on my blog for my small group of subscribers so perfect timing with your new affiliate program for NSM!

  • http://www.skiingstanton.com David


    Thanks for the in-depth response. The fact that you took the time to respond to a tricky question is encouraging.

    The main reason for my question was that I don’t want to waste my own money and, more importantly, significant amounts of my time learning about something that won’t earn more than a hundred dollars a month. Frankly, I would be better off getting a part-time job!

    As I said in my previous post, I enjoy listening to your podcasts. What struck me about your podcasts, over the vast majority of the others, is that you and your guests actually provide real and useful information. Too many podcasts are nothing other than long sales pitches in my opinion, with little useful information.

    I would also like to make it clear that I don’t begrudge you earning your money from selling and promoting internet marketing related products at all. I would do the same if I was in your position! I just think it is important for me to be clear about the potential returns from the investment required.

    I look forward to more of your podcasts when the come out and I am going to take a bit of time to go through your website in detail.

    Good luck with your new websites.



    • http://mikeforshort.com Mike Moyer

      My only real complaint is how you act like an expert or guru, rather than as a student sharing your experiences.

      What struck a nerve for me I guess was your interview with David Anspaugh when you really talked down to him for writing all of his own content.

      In reality, if you subtract your cleaning site, which you claim makes “most” of your adsense revenue, we can assume you make $420 a month or less from your own ability to do keyword research, build sites, and outsource content.

      With David making around $400 dollars himself, clearly you are on a level playing field. Rather than sharing ideas, the podcast took the shape of a master teaching a student of his foolish ways.

      So why do I still hang around? Because, you still have great content on this blog. For example, ordering a tier 3 content authority article and then multiple re-rewrites is a great tip.

      However, it just seems a little “scheme-y” that you make nearly 10-times more per month from your product that teaches people how to make adsense sites that you figured out all the way “back in June 2011,” 3 months ago.

      Sorry for the rant. I’m not usually a negative person. Looking forward to your upcoming site builds.

      • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

        Hi Mike,

        Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion with the OIL community and myself. Here’s a few thoughts that come to mind after reading your rant.

        1. I don’t think David felt talked down to; he said he loved doing the podcast and thanked me for kicking his ass to do more outsourcing.
        2. Why would we subtract my cleaning site from my Adsense earnings as a means of assessing my skill? I found it, I bought it, and I doubled the earnings in 30 days. Is there something wrong with that? What about all the folks who read this blog who are employed and make very good money, but would love to quit their jobs? Isn’t my success in buying a site and immediately doubling its income worthy of being an expert? What if they’d like to buy some sites instead of building them? People buy offline business all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, sometimes buying is SMARTER than building!
        3. Speaking of being an expert….I have never once written that I am the fountain of all knowledge. In fact, on my bio it says,”While he’s not yet making millions, he is earning far more than the vast majority of new marketers, and, best of all, because he’s not yet years ahead of the average newbie, what he’s teaching is directly applicable to 95% of people wanting to earn their living online.” I have had many people tell me that the reason they follow my blog is because I NOT YET that far ahead of them. That is also, I suspect, why David’s interview on my podcast was among the most popular interviews I have done so far.
        4. Yes, you are correct, I didn’t need to share my NSM earnings (or any of my earnings) with my readers; however, I believe in transparency (hence why I approved your comment) with my readers so they know that there is a real person behind this blog :)
        5. While I’m not making millions with Adsense yet, my last company was quite successful, this blog is quite successful, and NSM members are extremely happy. I am one that tends to believe that success repeats itself so I have no doubt that if you hang around long enough, you will see some impressive Adsense numbers start to appear in future income reports. I have 40 sites under development right now (VA doing all the work) and in a few months, these, and the ones that I build next month, and the month after, etc… will start to make significant contributions to my overall online income.

        I’m glad you took the time to write and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future.


  • http://mikeforshort.com Mike Moyer

    Edit: I should add that you could have chosen not to include your NSM earnings. Bravo for the transparency and all of the criticism that comes with it.

  • http://howigotrich.net Joe

    I guess the cleaning site that was bought is ‘controversial’ because so far (correct me if I’m wrong) your teachings have been around keyword research and building sites and not about buying sites.

    I say bring on the guide on buying a site!

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      I’m going to create a guide for selling sites…because I plan to do more of that than buying. I’m sure if you google, or just read the Flippa help files you’d learn plenty. I’d focus on buying from trusted sellers with high feedback and plenty of analytics and adsense reports on the sale. Better yet, just contact people directly when you find a site in the serps….which happens ALL THE TIME when you are doing keyword research. That’s my best tip 😛

  • http://www.contentstrategyhub.com Eugene

    Hi Trent,

    I came across your site through Corbett’s million dollar blog project. Love what I’m seeing here and I’ll definitely be back.

    The results you have here are no joke. I’m hoping to get there soon enough :)

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Hi Eugene,

      Welcome to NSM – glad you have joined the OIL community!

  • http://rossomethoughts.com Travis Ross

    Hey Trent,

    Couple of quick questions:
    1) What lvl of Social Adr do you use?
    2) Does every site, every page get added?

    Thanks, bro!

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      I use the premium version and yes, every page of every site, plus every video, plus every one-page blog of the inner layer of my link wheels. Basically, I have my VA bookmark just about everything.

  • kevin blumer

    very good income how long has it took in years to build up to that i am learning slowly about the web and how to make money my first thing i realised get rich quick doesn’t work it dies off very quick second learn from the experts and you seem to be one i will be following

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Hi Kevin,

      Welcome to the OIL community; we’re very happy to have you now participating in an ongoing group discussion. To answer your question, just look at my income reports page, as it shows exactly how many months it has taken me. Suffice to say, its been fairly quick, and I feel very fortunate because of it!

  • http://www.ivblogger.com Sheyi

    Trent, hope Laura Wilson took good care of you? Is she engaged? hmnnn guess you might not want to answer that question here… lol

    It’s good reading your report. I actually do alot better with adsense day by day. I have just 30+ adsense sites and 2 authority adsense sites as well. It’s nice reading your report and will like you to be a close pal too!


    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid

      Laura and I are just friends, lol! She is over here to go to a seminar in San Francisco next week. I’m going, too.

      I’m thrilled to hear that you are enjoying my blog so much. Feedback like that just makes me want to keep putting out the best content that I can.

  • http://www.ivblogger.com Sheyi

    That’s good to hear then.
    How was the seminar? hope you guys
    had a nice time?