If you missed my last post regarding YouTube as your catalyst and how the video domination battle plan will boost your online presence, check that out here. 

Just as a book grabs you or bores you with its title, your YouTube video titles and descriptions are vital to whether you are getting clicks or getting bypassed. 

It’s also SUPER important to remember when you Edit Info for your videos, that you aren’t just trying to get your viewer’s attention but Google and Youtube’s attention as well.  

Both choosing a title and adding description to your videos can be done when you are in your Video Manager for your Channel, and found under the Edit Info button for the selected video. 


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Title with SEO From the Get-Go

SEO should play a huge role in titling your YouTube videos, so keep this in mind when you are creating your title name, or going back to edit/re-title past videos.

Better late than never if you are re-titling, but I encourage you to get that killer title right off the bat so Google can begin indexing from the get-go. 

Knowing your niche and what keywords or phrases they are searching is crucial. Using Google Adwords, or the YouTube search box to see searches automatically show up in the drop box are a good start, but I ultimately recommend using SECockpit. 

If you are using the YouTube search box you can type in a keyword you think targets your niche’s searches and then play with word combinations, or adding words to see what phrase is optimal. 

Location, Location, Location

What is true for real estate is also true for the online marketing world….location is key! Where you stand regarding page rank is going to have a huge effect on how much traffic you can and will generate. 

In order to maximize your video’s ability to get you that prime first page location, finding keywords and phrases for you title is key for SEO. 

I find using SECockpit is ideal to find key phrases because I can see right away how many searches that phrase or keyword is getting. I can also see other suggested related keywords that may be searched more often. SeCockpit shows you the competition as well and how easy/difficult it would be to compete for first page rankings. 

Results with high competition are not ideal because it will be hard to compete for a good ranking, so finding keyword results with high search results but low competition is where you want to focus. 

If SECockpit isn’t your gig and you want to use a free tool such as Google’s keyword suggestion, you can also go here and use this tool. 

The Google AdWords tool lets you search keywords or phrases then tells you how many people are searching for your keyword. 

You can also use YouTube to see what searches are trending and what popular topics are within your niche. Use the Browse section of YouTube and search Categories to see the Most Views, Popular for the day, etc. 

Video Description 

Many people neglect adding anything in the description box below their video when editing info…big mistake.

When uploading your video be sure to create a description as well as another way to optimize your video.  Just as with your title you want to do this sooner than later because Google will start to index right away and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be ranked. 

Just like the inside jacket to a novel, the video description gives your viewer a little taste of what they can expect to see in your video and can either entice them to stay and watch, or send them on to another. 

I have found it key to add a clickable link to your blog or site right at the start of the description. Adding http:// prior to the URL makes it clickable, and people are much more likely to click, driving traffic back to your site, which is key. 

Treat the main part of your description like a mini blog post and just write naturally. I don’t suggest stuffing this area with keywords (there’s a place for that later) but more focusing on intriguing and informing your viewer. 

More is not always better in this case, so keep it short and simple, but be sure it’s quality and not just a cut and pasted generic bit. 

End the description with your clickable site URL again so those that read the description can conveniently click your link there rather than scrolling to the top of the description to click.

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