Online Income Lab PodcastIn this episode of the Online Income Lab podcast, I am joined by Niche Site Mastery member (and rockstar) Matthew Newton.

Why do I call Matthew a rockstar? Simple, he has gone from no websites and no passive income, to 65 websites and about $2,000 a month in Adsense income in less than 60 days!

If you aren’t yet convinced that the Adsense niche site business is for real, then this is THE episode for you to listen to.

Rock on Matthew!

In this Session Matthew and I Discuss

  • How Niche Site Mastery gave him the training he needed to achieve his amazing results
  • How he sold his last directory  websites for $8,000
  • Niche Video Tycoon
  • SEMRush
  • How I’ve completely outsourced keyword research to my VA and how well its working
  • How to build your own network of high PR blogs
  • The best way to succeed in business (my green dot theory)
  • Matthew’s blog


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  • james

    2000 $ / per month in 60 days !!!! Awesome .. I have just started to listen this and its really good to listen an Australian guy.

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey, what’s wrong with us Canadian guys? hahaha!

      • Michael

        Haha I agree! Yeah whats wrong with us?

      • Matthew N

        :) Yeh it’s always good to hear that it’s not just the Americans and Canadians succeeding

    • Lindsay Collins

      Well maybe some “year” I will be a rockstar and Trent can interview a Newfoundlander, then you’re in for a real treat, haha

      • Trent Dyrsmid

        Hey Lindsay,

        Would love to :)


      • Michael

        Haha – that sounds like fun! It would be no different for Trent to interview me because I am from the same city as him. Haha.

        However I do live in the Caribbean right now.

  • Vic Dorfman

    Best. Podcast. Ever.

    Great job guys and Matthew, sorry dude, I already have :p

    As a great alternative for your readers, Trent, when it comes to finding amazing native English writers on the cheap, and I mean cheap, here’s my process (there’s that glorious “p” word again!):

    Go to the Warrior Forum and start a new thread on the “Wanted: Members Looking To hire You” section. This’ll cost you $5 and is WELL worth it.

    Make sure you state in your thread title that you’re ONLY looking for native English writers and reiterate that point in your thread.

    Ask for a 100 word blurb on a specific topic, preferably something from a niche that you’re working in and have them send it to your email. Also make certain that you select a topic that requires a modicum of research because you absolutely want your writers to be good researchers.

    Also ask your candidates to include their name (duh), articles they can do per week and their rate. Now this is super important point – DO NOT STATE WHAT YOU’RE WILLING TO PAY! This kills all of your negotiating leverage and the writers themselves will tell you what they’re willing to work for and there’s no reason to prematurely overpay them when you don’t even know if they’re good researchers, writers or deadline-meeters.

    So here’s the beautiful part:

    You’re now going to get a crapload of emails with blurbs of varying degrees of quality and you now have your very own pool of writers to choose from, many of whom live in the US, write wonderfully and will work for 1.5 to 3.0 cents a word.

    On a side note, you’ll get a few emails from writers saying they want to get paid for their blurb or that they won’t write for free. Delete those emails promptly and move on. You have a large enough pool of writers to where you don’t need to waste your time explaining why a 5 minute investment on the part of the writer to write 100 words can land him or her a great steady gig.

    Now just take all the emails that you received, reply with a thank you and tell them that you’ll be in touch and place those emails in a folder in your mail client entitled “writers” and contact as necessary.

    You may think that the writers will fizzle out but I’ve found that I contact writers a month or so down the road and they’re just as ready to work.

    Didn’t mean to ramble on there guys but I thought you’d get a lot of value out of this process, I certainly have.

    Happy monday!

  • Aaron

    Whats up Trent nice post. Matthew you are awesome! I finally hired a writer off odesk last week and hes awesome, posting to an authority site im building 5 days a week. Ive also got the baklinking outsourced so i just sit back and give him a keyword and a title and he’ll have it done in an hour, then i check what im in the top 20 for and star backlinking. Outsourcing is the best thing i could have done. Even though my site isnt makn much now i cant wait to see things take shape 60 days from now. Keep up the good work!

    • Matthew N

      Thanks man. Sounds good! When you outsource, you are getting out of the way and letting success happen!

      The only impediment to success is you. :) I always remind myself of this.

      • Bri

        You discussed how you had a step-by-step process you had your brother attempt to implement. I am a newbie and I am struggling with the in between steps. I get the broad stuff, find a KW, purchase the domain, build a site, post articles w/ images, evaluate. Was he ever able to implement the revised step-by-step process? Is that process, decision tree, something you are willing to share with us newbies?

        • Matthew N

          Hi Bri

          Yep he did nail the process, I hinted at that on the podcast, then I passed it off to my VAs to run.

          That step by step process was about the set-up of the website as opposed to any decision making tree. While the heavy lifting is done by others, I am still the decision maker/driver of this whole thing.

        • Kent @ Niche Marketing Tips

          Hi Bri, I wanna echo Matthew that you could outsource a lot of “monkey” skills. Still, you are the decision marker and driver. Per Trent podcast, he is the one approving all the keyword pick – go or no go.

          If you wanna be successful on this niche site business, go and build 5 to 10 yourself. You should have 1-2 winners. The more you build, more experience you have..

          Everyone has his/her own decision tree.. Mine one is different from Trent and Matthew for sure. 😉

          Feel free to ping us when you get stuck in between steps. Thanks!

    • Trent Dyrsmid


      Thats awesome…glad to hear that you have embraced outsourcing!


  • Michael

    Hey Trent / Matthew –

    Thanks for the great podcast. Very inspirational story. Gives me hope I can do the same thing myself within the next 60 days.

    I just signed up for a new Hostgator account today because of the 50% discount and used your affiliate link Trent. I am looking forward to be one of the newest members of NSM. Hopefully I can learn the few things I am not doing to make my niche sites more successful.

    I’ve actually used Basecamp in the past too for work and it is very useful. I like it a lot more than Teambox. Another similar system I’ve used as well. I guess once I start making more money I’ll have to hire my own VA as well and then do as Matthew does. Site around reading sites waiting for the money to roll in. Sounds like a fantasy lifestyle.

    • Matthew N

      :) Sweet.

      I just went through most of my sites and nearly all of them are such stupid niche choices!! Like.. verging on the insane!! At the time I thought I was clever.

      People want to have perfect knowledge before starting so they can guarantee they won’t fail. But far and away the best way to learn anything is by DOING.

      “If you haven’t yet stopped, you haven’t yet failed”

      • Michael

        Hey Matthew –

        Are you saying the niche sites you made before you were a member of NSM were horrible and stupid or the ones you’ve created since you’ve become a member of NSM have been stupid choices?

        I will keep doing until I succeed. There is no time to give up when I know I can do this. I am just on the tip of becoming successful. I can feel it!

        • Matthew N

          Since :) You know how I said on the podcast only 10 or so websites were making money?

          It’s gone up a little from what but the majority of my niche selection choices have been complete duds.. and most of them for fairly identifiable reasons.

          That’s why everyone keeps on saying it’s a numbers game, you just pump out a bunch and see what works. While many will never work I think with experience you begin to get a lot better at picking niches to increase the success rate.

          • Matthew N

            *from that

          • Michael

            Ah okay that makes sense. That is how I see it. Adsense is a numbers game as Spencer says so right now I am soaking up as much information as possible from NSM, Spencer, Trent, etc while I build more niche sites.

            Hopefully some of them pick it up and start to CRUSH it! I think its time to go back to a lot of them now and do some more link building to get more traffic to these sites and get them ranked.

          • Lindsay Collins

            Hey Matt, loved the podcast. When you say they are duds for identifiable reasons I’d just like to ask if you can share what they are?

            I am working on my first 20 sites right now and I purposely tried to have some variation of different types of keywords to see if I could learn anything from my first 20 sites.

          • Lindsay Collins

            Oh and I don’t mean for you to share your niches, I mean some of the reasons you think some perform well or do not perform well.

          • Matthew N

            @ Michael — this is also known as the “equal odds rule”, so-labelled by Sebastian Marshall – (great post, worth reading).

            Go out there and crush it :)

            @ Lindsay — yep, understand what you mean.

            The identifiable reasons really just concern the “commerciality” of a niche. I was building websites around keywords without really paying attention to the nature of the keyword – all I was checking was competition and the pay out.

            But the reality is, for certain searches you are much more likely to click an ad.

            I didn’t really think about this so I targeted a lot of ‘informational’ niches which helped people solve certain problems or find answers, but not really in a way that they would be wanting to buy something.

            With the common example; cheap laptops online.. that person is looking for a product and advertisers can really target them.

            But if someone is to search for “how to change a doorknob” or “pituitary gland”… their chances of clicking on an ad are much slimmer, in my opinion.

          • Trent Dyrsmid

            Well put.

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Michael,

      Welcome aboard…glad to hear that you’ve decided to join NSM :) I have some pretty neat stuff coming out soon…

      • Michael

        Great – look forward to seeing some new stuff. There is some useful information in NSM. I know majority of it but there are a bunch of tricks of the trade that are very helpful.

        I just need to get on board with the whole strategy to building out links for all my niche sites and outsourcing it all. I think that is my next steps towards success.

  • Chris Webb

    Wow, that was a really dense, valuable podcast. Game changer

    I totally get your paranoia Matt. I have a SEO plugin in Chrome that gently reminds me on every site how many other sites share the same Google Analytics ID, same with adsense

    I guess getting new accounts created as part of the process would mitigate, bit of a pain with setting up payment tho …

    My mother has recently quit working and she said to me “is there anything I can do to help you” and I was thinking “write articles” now I’m thinking “manage va’s” ….

    Process engineering time …..

    Thanks guys

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      You’re thinking along the right lines Chris! Let us know how it goes…

  • Chris Webb

    Another tip for the paranoid folks –

    It’s very easy for anyone to see what sites exist on the same c-class IP via

    All you’ve got to go is load up command prompt, type “ping” to get the IP, then head to Bing and type in “ip:[the ip]” – eg “ip:″

    Bing will then spit out every site it knows about on the same IP. If you’re on shared hosting you’ll be mixed in with everybody else, on dedicated hosting – you’re exposed 😉

    • Matthew N

      (y) love it Chris, thanks

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      That it. I quit. I’m going to apply for a job at the gas station down the road 😛

  • Ian

    Excellent podcast gents,extremely motivating.

    Trent thank you for all you do and Matthew
    nice to meet you. Trent there is nothing
    wrong with us canucks, we are a very hardy people.
    Aussies are great too Matthew, I have family in Melbourne.

    No words of wisdom, just wanted to say thanks.

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Ian,

      Welcome to the OIL community, eh!

      And you’re welcome :)

      • Matthew N

        Thanks for the kind words Ian

  • RobertoK

    This is awesome! Very, very nice!
    I’ll be happy and consider it progress if I make $150 in 2 months!
    I’m still in the “building my own sites by myself” phase, hence the question: Matthew, how much did it cost to set up the 65 websites? I guess 65 x $100? Or more? You said in the podcast that your VA is doing almost everything, so I guess it costs more?
    Of course, if it’s not a too curious question. :)

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Robert,

      Welcome to the OIL community. I’m now launching sites with just one longer article and so my cost to create a site is about $50 or so. If the site gets traction, I quickly add more content. I think that, from G’s perspective, this is common sense. G sees a new site and they rank it. G see no new content and it drops. If G sees new content, it maintains its rank. Kinda common sense if you think about it.

      • Matthew N

        Hi Roberto, currently slotting in at around $70-75

  • Sheyi

    Is there a text type of the interview?


    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Just sent the request to my VA…

      • Sheyi Shobayo

        I will be patiently waiting to read it as well. Please try edit when the VAs are done. They some times type meaningless thingy. Keep up doing the good work man and I’ proud of you!

        The Authority Site Guy

  • Alex

    All your podcasts are superb Trent but this one with Matthew was really special.

    In this thread Matthew says”When you outsource, you are getting out of the way and letting success happen!”

    OMG was that the World moving? My world anyway.

    Lots of inspiration guys – thank you.

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Alex,

      You’re welcome! As a side note, NSM members are soon going to have access to a complete team of VAs, armed with all the software I suggest, so that they can just sit back and watch it all happen :)

      • Lindsay Collins

        Now that sounds interesting. I was expecting to have to start looking and hiring next month (and was dreading it) so I’m excited to see what this is all about.

        • Matthew N

          Lindsay, hiring people is fun :) Both of my VAs .. I just love them, they are fantastic!

          But Trent, great idea

          • Lindsay Collins

            Yeah, I guess I’m just mostly afraid of getting someone who does not do that good of a job. But I guess with ratings and stuff you can easily find people who are good, I’ll have to check out the sites like odesk. Looking forward to see what Trent will be offering though :)

  • Numa

    AWESOME podcast. Very inspirational. I’m gonna ask something I think hasn’t been asked here. We know Trent spend $100 on each site more or less. So Matthew, how much are you spending on average, each site? And if you’re willing to share also how much you spend on your VA’s.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Numa,

      I now spend about $50 per site. See below in the comment thread.

      • Matthew N

        Numa, for me it’s clocking in around $70-75

    • Numa

      Thanks for the answer guys. Would that include the tools-services involved (like UAW and such) and VA’s wages?

      Trent: Sort of hooked on what you said about the team of VA’s!

      • Matthew N

        Hi Numa, yes… for me that is the case.

      • Trent Dyrsmid

        Here’s the short version on pricing. Currently, if someone subscribes to NSM and all the tools that I tell you to use, you’d be paying about $320 a month…plus if you then want to build 10 sites a month, count on about another $600 for those ten sites. Then, you have to still do most of the actual work yourself. This totals about $920/month + your labor.

        With the new service, I’d like to see the total come down to about $750-$800 and you’d have to do NONE of the work.

        What do you think?

        • Numa

          Mat: Awesome! Thanks for the answer.

          Trent: Can’t wait to see that happen!

  • Albert

    EPIC podcast best yet.

    I LOVED the rambling! very entertaining better than watching TV and provided value as well!
    keep it up Trent

  • David

    Hi Matthew,
    Great work and I wish you the very best of success.
    Couple of questions; how long are the articles? and how much do you pay for them?

    Trent thanks for your continued dedication to OIL and NSM


    • Matthew N

      Hi David, most sites are getting 1500-2500 words, split between 1 main article and 2 shorter articles

  • Joe

    That was a good listen. Good to hear it from someone who is making money!

    If I had the money I’d be churning out sites at a rate like this. For now though its the slow and steady approach for me.

    Just hope it doesn’t take too long for one of them to pay off!

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Joe,

      Glad you liked it!

  • Sheyi

    Boss, still waiting to read the transcript please.

    The Authority Site Guy

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Its there now.

      • Sheyi

        Thanks for the transcript, I really appreciate and hope to digest and work on it as well.

        The Authority Site Guy

  • Dafni Var

    So valuable informations..thanks a lot all of you..and waiting for joining NSM through your affiliate link Trent to learn a lot more..hurry up..please let me in!! :-)

  • Harlan Yee

    Hi Matthew, awesome results in such a short amount of time! It shows that with the right guidance, you can achieve anything! At least that’s how I like to learn. I’m getting ready to start my own set of Adsense sites next month. I agree that putting together a system like you and Trent did is the key to continued growth in this business.

    Trent… I just emailed you my new hosting info for NSM. I just happen to be in a position to take on another hosting account and your NSM offer is a great bonus!

    • Matthew N

      Thanks mate

      I read this great quote today:

      “an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory” – emerson. :) So true and has the same idea as the quote that Trent mentioned during the podcast “the best way to succeed in business is to be in business” (or words to that effect)

  • Fred B


    I have a question for you:
    I am an Adsense convert. So, I don’t need be convinced about it.

    But, there was a comment you made early on the podcast that previously you were working on “directories” – but, then you came across Trent and his NSM site. What was it about Adense that said to go that way and stop with the “directories” ?
    ( why not continue with both “directories” and Adsense ? )

    I am trying to see what your thought process was.


    Fred B.

    • Matthew N

      Fred, the directories were started because of the failure of a previous project.

      I was going to start a limousine booking business but came in completely cold and stuffed a lot of things up. I had spent a lot of time and money on getting the rankings up so didn’t want to see all that go to waste, so I threw on Adsense and here I am today.

  • Sergio Felix


    I couldn’t avoid laughing when Matthew said he was not leaving any footprints with 65 sites and the …one? google adsense account! haha

    As for Trent, thanks for the all the great tips man, I got some very cool ideas as to create smaller courses instead of complete trainings.

    And Google AdSense… I don’t know what my problem is with that but I’m scared of trying it! LOL

    I guess it’s because of all the horror stories but I definitely want to dive into this.

    Anyway, amazing podcast guys, really enjoyed listening this!


    • Matthew N

      :) in terms of footprint, most people use Analytics as their tool to track that sort of thing

      It’s not just Google I’m thinking about. Plus there’s a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that the Quality Team goes off Webmaster Tools and Analytics as their go to weapons. But we can’t be sure, hence… the multiple accounts. I’m not the only one doing this, Spencer has 3 for example (he has stated this publicly so I’m not screwing him here).

      Anyway this reply hopefully will help some people who are thinking about it.

      “I guess it’s because of all the horror stories but I definitely want to dive into this.”

      Mate I have Googled “Google Adsense Ban”, “Google Adsense de-index” and a billion other terms so I know what you mean. It’s scary reading. I have read the Google TOS at least 6 or 7 times now because of that.

  • Michael

    Matthew – question for you. Do you think you had to make all 60 of those sites for you to become that successful in 60 days? As you said only a very small amount of your niche sites are making any money at all in the first place.

    The reason why I ask is because right now I’ve created about 18 sites in the last month and want to focus on link building on them to start generating traffic for them before I move on to building more. I am hoping to see some success with these ones first.

    Did you do exactly what Trent did for your linking strategy? I am torn about spending more money for UAW and MAN, etc. Spinners, etc. I want to keep the costs down now as I spent a lot and do all the work myself for now until I have a basis pay from the initial sites. I have time.

    What should I focus my link building efforts mainly on?

  • Matthew N

    Hi Michael

    With good niche selection you can avoid making so many. I have talked about it further up the page if you want more info. Not sure what Trent would think but 18 is probably a good amount to cut your teeth in terms of learning about effective link building, onpage SEO… etc.

    In terms of link building I don’t give away my method because I buy from a limited source, just remember : “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. I have never used Trent’s method but if it works for him then it should probably work for you.

    • Michael

      Thanks for the details Matthew. I plan to do it all myself so I am going to be doing all the hard work. So it most likely won’t be too good to be true.

      Look forward to seeing the results in the months to follow. Wish me luck.

      • Matthew N

        Best of luck! :)

        If you never stop, you never fail. Just remember that.

        • Michael

          Yup that is how I plan on working it. However I am a little bummed out after seeing the pricing for the new ManageWP. That’s super steep. Looks like I’ll be building my WordPress niche sites from scratch again for awhile :(

          • Matthew N

            Hey man

            It’s not cheap but what you can do is sign up for the 10 websites package at $7/m.

            You can clone a site through ManageWP and then it asks you “Do you want to add this site to ManageWP” – you can click no. So you can make as many sites as you want at $7/m. I will probably go down that route short-term.

          • Trent Dyrsmid

            Fear not….I’ve already done a deal with to give NSM members a discount on their NSM-hosted Managewp account….Details to come shortly.

  • Raj

    Hi Matthew,
    Do you let your VA’s do the keyword research too? Seems like you have outsourced every part of the process.Love it.
    I am glad to see the success you are having.

    • Matthew N

      No but Trent has, the details are in NSM

      I will be outsourcing soon using pretty much his method

      and I will be adopting something very similar to his link building method soon

  • Andy Makar

    In the podcast, you mentioned Basecamp as a project management tools for VA and distributed teams.

    I have a few project management tools for you that are excellent alternatives to Basecamp and they are amazingly free., and are my top 3 favorite project management tools for this type of task based management.

    Here is my latest article from Techrepublic on these tools:;selector-fd-river

    Trello also has graphical indicators that you can use to measure progress.


    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Andy,

      Awesome contribution. Thank you very much! I will be checking a few of these out.

    • stevewyman

      Hey Andy
      Thanks for the post. Ive been looking at new tools to many all the client and personel project i have going.

      Trello is so sweet. My team love it already:-)

      Thanks a lot for the heads up


  • Andy James

    Most helpful IM podcast I’ve heard.

    Would a 20$ reseller hosting plan be beneficial for niche sites?

    Each site could have its own control panel and better site separation.

    Easy,secure VA access.

    Can sell the site with a few months of hosting included, then charge 5 bucks a month or something for continued hosting service.

    Easier site sale, don’t have explain how to move the site database to new hosting.

    Any downside?


    • Trent Dyrsmid

      I’ve not tried that, so I can’t speak to the details, but from what you’ve described, it seems feasible enough.

  • Tyler Grupe

    @ Andy- nice resources. I have been struggling with dotproject and cbcollab (way too complicated and takes to long to set up tasks), then found feng office which is quite a bit easier but still not what I was looking for to manage multiple client and niche projects with the same team of VA’s.

    Call me penurious (not cheap!) didn’t want to pay for a monthly fee for basecamp.

    I am setting up Trello into task workflow columns and then drag the projects in and out of each stage of workflow as they get closer to the goal line, adding items as you go (content, keywords,check lists,etc)

    Yes they lack some project management scheduling (I built custom houses for 12 years-can you say MS Project?) but the workflow setup for online collaboration and easy visual reference to where each project is in stage development is awesome.

    It would be nice to set up a holistic schedule that each project would be color coded based on the start date and current stage of development, but hey, HUGE improvement over traditional PM software IMHO for online PM

    Many Thanks


    • Trent Dyrsmid

      @ Andy…I setup up a Trello account yesterday and like what I see. Do you know if you can turn a dashboard into a template that can be used over and over?

      @Tyler….welcome to the OIL community!


  • Kathy Baker

    Hey Trent, and Matthew – just caught this podcast today, on a friend’s urging! I totaly loved it! :-) Great energy and interaction between the two of you, bouncing off each other, with electric sparks flying. True Entrepreneurial spirits :-)

    Matthew, I’m a fellow Melburnian! :-) And can attest to the energy here in Melbourne, Downunder!

    Keep up your great work!

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Kathy,

      Welcome to the OIL community and thanks for the compliments on the podcast. Matthew is a smart cookie and I loved doing that interview!

      • Matthew N

        Thanks Kathy, means a lot :)

  • Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    Matthew, you rock. What caught me attention is about process. I make $200 Adsense a month. Recently, I realize I want to have a “factory” creating these kind of Adsense niche sites.

    I am making extra money online part time. In order to scale up, I need to have a process in place. I don’t want to have a 20-hour computer part time job, I’d like to have a 5-10 hr project manager job instead. :)

    I am in Niche Site Mastery and will create new sites with the taught process myself. Then outsource and have it as a factory.

  • Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    For those commented about the cost. This is my break-down:

    1. Domain Name $10
    2. Article Writing $5 x 5 (Fivver – just get the best reviewed ones)
    3. Backlinking $5 x 4 (4 different backlinking gigs in 4 weeks)

    Around $55. Of course you could do it all yourself. It just takes time. :)

    I am testing different backlinking strategies and see which one works or not.

    • Matthew N

      Hi Kent

      Would be interested to hear how you go, actually… Fiverr is something I started playing with but I eventually decided to head down another route.

  • Karen

    If anyone reading this needs some articles written I’m available. I have a core of great clients but they still seem to be sleeping off their Thanksgiving turkey!

    I’m looking for a few new regular clients with whom I can build a long-term relationship because I need to take Trent’s course!

    I have written so much about IM and SEO I should be an expert by now but something is going terribly wrong with my own sites and even an extra $500 a month in passive income would make a huge difference to my life.

    Take no notice of the rates on my site BTW, you get the special I-need-this-extra-money-so-I-can-take-Trent’s-course deal.

    Thanks for the podcast it’s been today’s kick in the butt.

    • Matthew N

      Hi Karen, just visited your site but couldn’t find any details?

  • Dean

    Hi Matthew,

    I know it’s been about a month since this podcast. Could
    you share how you outsource the website part? In other words, did you choose say 5 templates that you like and have the VA choose the most appropriate one and they find there own pictures? And perhaps include a youtube video?


    • Matthew N

      Hi Dean

      I use the same template, and get the VAs to add pictures. I don’t add videos (yet) but this is more because of my own inaction than anything else

      • Dean

        Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify you used the same template for all 60 sites? If so, I can see how that would make it “plug and play” easy for you VAs. However, don’t you think it might be a good idea to have about 5 templates or so that are “plug and play” that way you can test to see what pulls best? And look better under a big G audit? Also, do you use any thing else besides wp clicks such as a heatmap plugin to analyze user behavior? Thanks, I’m a Newbie :)

        • Matthew N

          Hi Dean

          Each website has a customised header which is my best attempt to make them unique enough. I don’t want to go too over the top with it to be honest.

          In terms of Heatmaps, I have tried to just use the tested themes that are known to do well. I will soon enough embark on that sort of test once revenue justifies it!

  • Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    Matthew, finally, I finished listening to your podcast.

    Nice that you have your first bucket of gold by selling your directory, so you could reinvest in this business model, outsourcing, and set for auto-pilot.

    I was amazed how fast you could scale up building niche sites in the first 2 months. Once you have $2000 a month, you could let the business running for you.

    My take-away is to have my process and schedule in place, I am trying to build mine as $50/site and 5-hour a week part-time.

    Hope I could dedicate, fine-tune, test it out, and build one a week. I have one making around $50 a month. I’m just trying to build many and weed out the winners. Per Trent and Spencer, it’s just a number game.

    Again, thanks for your sharing on the podcast, it was inspiring and mind-opening!

  • Matthew N

    Nor a problem Kent! Add me on Skype!

    • Matthew N


      • Andre Garde

        Hey Matthew,

        What’s your Skype address? I did a search for MatthewN and it brought up too many results. I’d love to chat outside the blogosphere. :)

  • Lindsay Collins

    Hey Matt,

    It’s been a while since the podcast and it looks like you have not updated your blog. Just wondering if you could give us an update on your progress?

    • Matthew N

      Hi Lindsay

      My blog was never something that I was going to update. I have tried to be a blogger before but it doesn’t interest me! I do have a blog where blog 1-4 times a day but this is on a ‘passion site’ that is not yet monetised.

      Things are going ok, got up to $100 a day and then dropped back and am now looking at $2k this month. I had to stop building sites for a while because of a financial circumstance which took literally all my money! – but the Adsense earnings saved me. Without that I would have been in a dark position.

      Am launching 17 niche sites this month + 1 authority site. So things are back and happening!

      • Lindsay Collins

        Sounds good. I also have 17 sites made but something also came up for me that took all my money lol. Need to get some cash together so I can get links to these sites then everything should work out from there hopefully. Good Luck

  • kash


    Its bit old thread now but I hope Matthew can respond to the following:

    1. What is your daily revenue average now from the sites?

    2. What is the average production cost for each site (domain, hosting, VA etc) and what are recurring operational expenses?

    I would like to know these to understand what sort of ROI is possible.


  • Matthew Allen

    As I make my way through the OIL podcasts, this was one of my favorites that I listened to yesterday.

    What struck me was Matthew’s paranoia when it comes to getting banned by Adsense. This podcast was recorded long before Spencer Haws got banned. Do you think Matthew’s paranoia is now justified? To the best of my knowledge, Spencer doesn’t even know exactly why he got banned. If he does, I don’t think he has shared it. I wonder if it could have had something to do with all of those 1-page Adsense sites you discussed in this session (I think)?

    Again, loving the podcasts and will be listening to 3 or 4 more today!

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Hey Matthew,

      Good to hear from you. Re Matthew’s paranoia…I can’t really say…but it’s always good to play on the safe side with G. Glad to hear you are enjoying the podcasts :)